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Now you can have all of the features of the best telephone and voicemail systems, with no equipment to buy, maintain or outgrow. Our Hosted/Virtual PBX Phone System is a full-featured telephone system that answers all calls and provides many caller options.
   Unlimited United States and All Features

   Unlimited Local and Regional

   Unlimited Local

   Per Use

   DID Only

   Unlimited Support

Here are some of the benefits of using TelzeqOffice systems

Be at your office from any location
      Pickup incoming calls to your business on any phone even out of the country, and the caller thinks you are at your desk in the office.
      People can reach you at your regular extension even when you are out of the office.
      When an important call comes in, the system will try to locate you at all your phones, either simultaneously or one after the other.
      When calling associates you can call out of any of your office phones even when not in the office.

Powerful PBX
      No need to install or maintain any equipment, get the most powerful PBX features right from your computer.
      With the Telzeq IVR you can upload and record all your auto attendant prompts right from your desk or on the fly.
      Upload in an instant your own Music on Hold.
      Interoffice connectivity. You can have all your offices linked into one PBX, so you can easily communicate via extension dialing without being         charged
      If the need arises your entire PBX can be routed to an alternate location by a click of a button.

Voicemail Handling
      Have all your voicemails routed into one or multiple inboxes.
      Listen to your voicemails online.
      Get your voicemail delivered right into your email or get it via a call to any number you desire.

Live Call Monitoring
      Monitor your traffic as it happens, see how many calls are active and how many on hold etc.

      Included in your account will be our state of the art conferencing system where you can setup your own business conferencing for as many as a         100 people on the line.

Call Recording
      Record all your calls, incoming and outgoing.
      Easily search your recorded conversations and download to your computer.

Call Queuing
      Even if you have only one or two lines, your customers can still call you in as many as they want, and they will hear a customized message which         will also inform them how long their estimated wait time is.

Call Router
      Setup certain callers should go into voicemail, and others to get busy tone or special type of announcements etc.

Time Router
      Setup calls should go to special announcements or different numbers etc. at certain times of the day.

Do not Disturb (DND)
      With a toggle of a button have all your calls go to voicemail without being disturbed.

CSR Trainer
      You have the ability to listen in to any call so you can train your customer service reps.
      You can also talk to your customer service rep while the customer is on the line and provide guidance while the customer may not be aware of         your presence.

Fax to Email
     Get all your faxes right into your email box allowing you to go back and search, while also eliminating the need of a dedicated line.

Hunt Dialing
      No need to remember all phone numbers of your colleague, all you do is dial one code and the system will hunt dial your colleague on all of his         available numbers until he picks up.

Call Screening
      Force callers to identify themselves before accepting their call.

And many more…………
        New features are being added every day. We can basically design every feature you can think of.

      You no longer have to pay for expensive PBX equipment.
      You don’t need to order multiple phone lines from the phone company; all you need is an internet connection.
      There are no taxes or surcharges on VoIP calling.
      Unlike traditional phone service where you pay for every single change and wait for weeks to get what you need, with TelzeqOffice
        Systems you can add and remove lines, numbers and features right from your desk or on the fly and no cost.
      You can connect all your offices in the entire globe so you won’t get charged when calling between offices.

Great product & service! I researched a lot of companies that offer similar services--their solutions were not as comprehensive, intuitive, or user friendly as Telzeq. I am very happy to be a Telzeq customer.

Joel K., President and CEO
The Grand Doors.
Wow! Just when I think "all this for this one low price!" you add even more! I added tons of features since I signed up, all at no extra charge.

Jim Mikola, President
Smith and McCrorken
This is the best service, by far, I am so "thrilled" and happy, it interconnects our corporate office as well as our branch offices like a breeze. I am so pleased. Customer service, tech support, are all awesome,
I just love it!!!! 5 stars.

Elliot S., Assignment Director
Triboro Realty
Telzeq has really helped us present a professional image while giving our customers a way to receive personal selection assistance. The service has helped us reach more customers, and close the sale.

Joe G., CFO
The Wedding Package

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